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Tuesday, May 01, 2018


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madeline blackbart

Now this could just be confined to me and my friend (though I doubt it) but we both felt like there wasn't a lot of interactivity in Sansar. When I went there all I found I could do was look at things. There was nothing to do. Personally I feel like even second life has more interactivity then Sansar. At least in second life you could build something with a friend or go bowling. Personally I felt like the experience there is like going to a museum. You can look but you can't touch. Which was boring on the desktop version of sansar but is extra frustrating in VR since that's the whole DRAW of a VR headset. My friend felt about the same on this. TBH I've spent very little time in Sansar because of this. Now that said as I said I've spent very little time in sansar so if I'm missing something feel free to correct me.


Ready Player One's Oasis had games in it. Sansar is a walking simulator. You can't even *dance* there. I'm not sure what its purpose is.

Clara Seller

When Sansar was in the idea stage, it was hard to get answers as to what it is. Now that it is realized, it's still hard to get answers.

It's really interesting to google search info on Sansar and re-read the history of BS that has been thrown from this project over the years. The development of BS cultivating has truly been the most groundbreaking exploration of this whole project. I think it will be it's legacy. Shoot the messenger and marginalize the critics. "You want it to fail!" cry the Sansar disciples, as if criticism and logical observation is some magical Dark Side force. All of the hype, millions of dollars, secrecy, controlled press, fanatic chanting, and critic shaming has delivered a broken hovel that has backtracked and sidestepped every big dream it promised.

Every honest person knows there is no tomorrow for this project. There is no economic, technological, or cultural wind blowing at Sansar's back. The only thing it has is a giant feeding tube courtesy of SL. There will be no honest answers or solutions from inside the Sansar bubble. Honesty means it's done.


Sansar is boring. It is Blue Mars with terrible download times. It is places that do not fit together. It is not a world. Did i say it is boring?


The ski school grad sure knows what he's doing.

Stordan Tonc


LL needs to do what Blizzard did to update World of Warcraft. They kept the original product, but updated the engine and the server around it.

Keep SL weird, but move the promised tech behind Sansar into SL. This will let Sansar be the sterile corporate attraction that they wanted SL to be back in the day.

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