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Wednesday, May 02, 2018


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sirhc desantis

Partnered with a twitcher - the place that has SL on its banned list. Hilarious. https://tinyurl.com/hwatm8l

(Out of curiosity when does Sansar cease to be 'new'?)


As someone that has puked because of VR, I will state that it is not even remotely common among anyone I know in VR to need to puke. I'm not sure if my own experience was just about getting used to VR, but now I can spend hours doing just about anything without feeling sick.


In this case LL need to seriously take care of Sansar avatar before all things.

Ennui Resident

Sansar VR made me throw up just from watching the demo video of it on youtube. I went into Sansar and it feels like you're locked inside with no freedom. The interface is claustrophobic and the avatar movement is really limited. You do not feel free to move about in that world. It feels like a closed off box. They need to fix that fundamental issue.

Grid Famous Games

All they have to do is make Secondlife but better and rename it something so people don't associate detachable penises. I guess asking "Is that so hard?" is simplifying things too much. Instead of going into Mouse View, you can go into VR Goggle view. Just one big streamlined thing. Who cares if the graphics aren't cutting edge, didn't stop Namco from getting people all across the planet from being afraid of 4 ghosts using only 6 colors.

Make it work flawless.

Brayla Sana

The insane GPU prices might have to do with the slow adoption of VR.


It's about time. There is a slow shift of users visiting experiences in desktop mode like myself and using chat, or chat with voice and not VR as well as the full VR users. All of those I've met have no problems with sickness and are regular Sansar users in the same way I'm a regular SL user. There are some AMAZING experiences in Sansar now as well as some frankly bad ones, just like there are good and bad sims to visit in SL.
One thing that's helped in Sansar is that now VR users can see what non VR users are typing. Yes, until this recent change they had no idea what people in desktop mode were saying if they weren't using voice! I can now interact much more with people than before. Sansar is still a beta product and improving weekly (I still prefer SL) but I wish people would give it more of a chance by exploring more.

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