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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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Nalates Urriah

In Ebbe's interview with Designing Worlds it seems he is aware of this. He talks about how they hope to reduce land cost.

Jolie Serendipity

Here is the previously mentioned interview: https://vimeo.com/271636725


Lost Gardens of Apollo was a space built for others with a stated hope/expectation that others would contribute to the tiers


when the others didn't it was abandoned

sirhc desantis

Build it and they don't come is a constant lament. But SL goes on. irihapeti I have immense respect in all forms. Never known anyone who talked more sense within SL frankly.
So we build and we do..because we want to..and if others enjoy is a bonus.. to the extent of having to give up a HS due to the power company wanting paying (the Beasts!) to 2 premies having a base (well group is 2048+) and eyeing more. irihapeti is right as always.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Not quite sure what you mean by "In other words, we're at the point where SL sims are either owned by "land barons" who have a stable income source -- and folks can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month without depending on monetizing visitors:" in the absence of an "or" to go with the "either".

Hamlet Au

Doh, thanks, fixed

Pussycat Catnap

With the recent doubling of base tier and lowering of Premium cost, many people are realizing mainland is not a bad place to go.

I see quality lots filling up. Poor quality spots - next to ugly builds or lacking interesting features - those remain empty.

But people are taking up the things like double-prim, water, road, and cliff land.

They always have, but these are becoming more in demand now.

There are basically 2 reasons to have land in SL:
1. Showcase your brand for a store.
2. Play around and have a personal home for self and friends.

Neither or these requires a sim or an estate.

There is a third reason, to have a large entertainment venue like a roleplay sim or specialty form of entertainment (something needing a lot of private space like perhaps a nude-sailing club - as so much of Blake sea is G-rated).
- But these are few and far between.

Most social venues can also do well on mainland.

What we're cutting out here in a lot of cases is the middle-man. Some of those were predatory, some wee good - both are moving out. They're just not needed anymore.

Kate Miranda

I just rented a beautiful place in the Alba sims finding its Scottish island ambience a welcome change from tropical boredom.

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