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Thursday, May 31, 2018


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This is really interesting, Wagner. I think the curiosity aspect has been and is always there, especially given all the hype lately with VR. But what we have always known is that retention is the issue. A steep learning curve seems to be the stumbling block of getting these new users through the door and actually investing the time and money to learn the platform. It seems so simple. If a real effort was made by LL to provide actual services and landing point assistance (tours, workshops, and live tutorials/concierge services). While I see this exist to an extent it's clearly not enough. The new user island (whatever it's called) is often empty other than noobs and I recall back in the day that the only way I stuck was that someone I met actually helped me in real time. Interestingly enough I always felt that this is something LL could actually do with real people that are, perhaps, at an offshore style "call center" which could have an actual paid (with minimal costs) group of "trainers" who would be avatars positioned to help and answer questions in-world. The bean counters of course know better than I if this would effective. What is the lifespan cost and reward of retention per avatar? If working better to retain them is this a viable strategy? Finally, given the demographic of these 20-something men being a surprising amount of those looking at SL we can assume for sure that, despite LL and other's hope of changing the "sex" centric idea of SL, that it will not only never change - but might actually grow. One would think.

Iki Akiri

I would suspect that maybe people are logging into secondlife.com on their phones to check who's online; if it's worth logging in etc.
In my case I do check the second life website for example; around event times to see how those are going and keep an eye on when to cash out - which I also do on my phone when I'm out and about.
There could be a bunch of different reasons but the information is really quite interesting.

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