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Wednesday, May 09, 2018


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Adeon Writer

The reason there are so many female anime avatars is VRChat really does not have any content creators yet (Nothing is monitized yet, after all). The easiest way to get a well-rigged human model that doesn't look like it came from Poser, is to swipe it off of MikuMikuDance, which has an entire pre-existing community of anime avatars.

Adeon Writer

(Second Life would be in the same situation if it allowed upload of models with non-standard skeletons, it just doesn't, so they are saved from the anime flood due to their lack of comparability.)

sirhc desantis

I have an impress frankly as did not know VRChat had that script capability. Makes me wish for llGetChar() or equiv as an event outside of controls :) As for people being able to touch type and know their way around a baby grand - gosh who knew.

As to the anime part Ser Writer has a point. There are anime avs in SL inspired by MMD and joy yay! can't be just nicked but I am biased - I like mySL as its still full of people who like to customise. And never met a fur who looked like any other (unless wanted to as adorable families) for more than the time it takes to start edit.


This is my video 👺

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