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Monday, June 11, 2018


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The only people capable of building a SL replacement would be LL since they have control of our friends list, inventory, etc. A new SL that fixes a lot of the endemic issues but ties back to SL by making accounts work in both would not be a world shattering app but would be profitable for years to come.

The tech world seldom looks for a profitable niche. They want that earth shattering app or technology that makes them rich instantly. Sansar is not going to be that app. It could be a different niche than SL. They would have had a better return on investment with SL 2.

I really don't see anything in VR currently that promises to be something everyone will need. I see several niche products that could develop such as VR live events.


You already have a SL 2. with the title High Fidelity..All hail lord Philip.

Iggy 1.0

What is the "need" for a virtual world? The local lingerie store has a saying "Honey, it's not about NEED."

The desires for salacious content aside, something SL does well, a new VW should not begin with what consumers currently need or want. Apple has been singularly able, in the 2nd Steve Jobs era at least, to create products that enough people suddenly "needed."

So what unmet and unrealized needs are there that our current technologies do not address? Philip Rosedale gets compared to Jobs at times, but really? What is there in High Fidelity, Sansar, or other VWs post-SL that suddenly make folks sit up and say "Wow! That's so cool! Where do I sign up?"

We educators kept asking the wrong questions in the Hype Era of SL. Now we are done with VWs, largely. Not all of that is Linden Lab's doing, either, though they didn't help at key moments.

Here's a few suggestions, once we get AI strong enough:

--A platform-agnostic VW with hundreds of NPC avatars that can interact with me and other players/residents/weirdoes in ways that pass the Turing Test: I want them to move as well, talk as well, and if we are in a combat game, fight as well as my avatar. Shag with my avatar, too, if I want it, in ways that would make adult content one draw to the VW if properly managed. RL verification for age would be necessary to "protect our children."

--Rich and interactive UGC: I want to be able to make compelling and interactive content with 30 minutes of practice, content that does not lag the VW. Scripting should be as easy as pulling down a few menus with commands such as "follow me" or "act like furniture" or "dance the Hoochie-Coochie" or "attack anyone in 10 meters" with follow-on options.

--A vast world without lag: I want to be able to race a car between simulators, or fly a space fighter, or sail a pirate ship, with no stutter-stop or sudden nudity as my vehicle and attachments mysteriously get left in the last region.

--A big community: That will take time, but with easy-to-create UGC, really good NPCs, and a big playpen it can happen.

In 20 years. Our hardware is not there, yet.

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