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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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Adeon Writer

I did not expect this at first, but I personally find **FORCED** first person persoective is absoltely vital for immersion in VR. If you are in VR talking to someone's face, but they are not actually there, all sense of shared space breaks down and immersion is destroyed.

Maxwell Graf

Adam and company continue to hit a lot of the right buttons and make a lot of the right choices over there and I continue to believe it will be successful. It keeps getting better, even though it already has a giant leap forward with everything the Unity engine brings to the table. It's a real joy to work with a system that is so capable of enabling creativity...working with it is a pleasure compared to some of the various attempts at virtual world platforms I have used over the last decade (remember when bluemars hacked crysis engine to death? Or the pure dynamism of building in cloudparty?) On top of all that sinespace is beta still, which is awesome. Take time and do it right!


I don't think LL is in the race to be the SL of VR. Sansar is not aimed at that space. I think it should have been but they choose a different direction.

madeline blackbart

One of the main things keeping me from playing sincespace in VR right now personally is that navigation (IE walking) makes me kinda sick. They really need to implement like snap turning (IE snapping 90degrees instantly) or something. Concept and feature wise though it's quite nice, however

Adam Frisby

Hey Adeon -- restart the client and it'll force first person in VR

Adeon Writer

Thanks Adam!

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