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Monday, June 04, 2018


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in the latest chat with Ebbe Linden (on Inara Pey's blog) he says again that LL have tested Greeters a number of times. The evidence is that it doesn't make any difference to retention rates.

from my own experience of being a Second Life Mentor back in day on the starter islands, what worked to retain people was friends. Not just greeting new players but also friending them

a peer friend who would chat to the new players in IM on subsequent logins, answer their questions, be sympathetic to their learning curve frustrations, and actively show them in world where to find stuff and how to do stuff inworld.

doing stuff not only like how to rez prims and open boxes and why do I have 3 hairs on my head? But also stuff like how to drive a vehicle. How to sail a boat. How to couples dance, how to understand what this game/shopping/activity HUD does, and all the other inworld activity howtos that confront new players

Peer friending is quite a time-intensive activity though


When I joined Second Life in 2013, I spent the first few visits so frustrated that I almost gave up. (I still do not understand why there isn't a mechanism to prevent people from wearing things that haven't been unpacked. The embarrassment of a box on your body is, alone, enough to drive some away.) What helped me figure this all out were YouTube video--usually produced by random people who weren't associated with LL at all. I don't see why there can't be a library of tutorial videos of this kind all stored together somewhere in-world that is easy for newcomers to access. And maybe there is, but it sure wasn't obvious to me back then.

sirhc desantis

Throw in a comp premium and hell I'd do it at 5 bucks an hour with the bonus - would take it in L$.

patchouli woollahra

we had a team like this. Perhaps LL should look through its rolodex and see if the V-Team wants to get back in action with them.

(Hermia Linden probably still does NOT want to ride on anything that flies though)

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