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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Chic Aeon

My strong sense is the company has more or less given up on growing Second Life, and is focused almost solely on retaining the existing userbase; and if they won't bother with promotion, why should the users already paying exorbitant land tier fees bother doing that work for them?

Personally? I don't really care what folks outside of SL -- or other virtual worlds -- think, since most have no bases for their opinions and have no interest in actually finding out what virtual worlds are about. That's fine. I don't watch sports and have absolutely no interest in America's number two pastime (maybe even number one - who knows?).

But in regard to the comment I quoted up top, I am guessing you haven't been listening to the official party line announcements at the town hall, SL TV and open to the public meetings where it has been said (and seemingly with passion) that The Lab DOES hope to grow SL again. In fact I thought it most interesting that Ebbe mentioned that this was the first time in a long time that they felt encouraged. Promotion IS on the list for the upcoming months. Just what that means is anyone's guess, but the theme of the comments lead me to believe that they plan on taking a different track than in the past.

Land prices have gone down for mainland and previous for islanders who opted into the buy down and it is pretty much guaranteed that land prices will continue to decrease (mentioned many, many times) That will be good for some folks and not so good for others who will be making up that LL income shortfall -- merchants for one.

Always important to keep up with the current climate and not rely on "history". Things do change.


Second Life will soon have been forgotten, time to move on to better things. I wish PS Home was revived.


There have always been negative comments about SL from segments of the user base. People love to complain. There have always been ridiculous comments such as the one you quote, "... I'll promote SL when we get new features more often than one major thing every 5 years..." Anyone who has paid attention has seen many upgrades to SL in the last 5 years and many more will be rolling out in the near future.

Nalates Urriah

Promoting Second Life… People do. I’m not sure how one objectively determines how enthusiastic or lackadaisical people are about SL and their responses to poorly written articles. After all, the visibility of the articles in the SL community may be more a factor than residents’ state of mind. If we don’t see it, we can’t complain or compliment.

In the last month, there aren’t any articles on SL in the “News’ category, at least that Google returns. Only references to SL in articles about other subjects or worlds. In the web category, we get more. The Digg article "Exploring the Digital Ruins of Second Life" is a mess of misinformation well in line with the MSM’s general style of reporting.

To complain about the article would require one to JOIN Digg. That is a big obstacle. I think with all the European government control of speech and data fewer sites will allow non-member comments. That may also be a factor in resident responses.

And I suppose a number of residents now figure what is the point in arguing with an idiot? Straighten this one out and another one comes along.

Maxwell Graf

Meh. I regularly spend time speaking to strangers about SL, telling them about it, especially since ready player one brought it and VR into public radar again. Even today, spent about 15 minutes explaining it to a 72 year old woman who discussed the RP1 book today at her book club. She is downloading SL tonight.

My point is there are and will continue to be people who proselytize about SL and how awesome it still is and can continue to be, and people who (in regularly spaced blog post intervals, for example) continue to describe how the sky is falling there and it couldn't possibly last out the month, that the executives will bring doom upon the hordes of furries and Gorean sex workers by locking the doors and abandoning them all.

I just have not seen it happen. Until it does, enjoy being part of the unique, 70$M marketplace there, from one side or the other, or just come chat or explore. Is that quaint? It may not be trendy, but it's tangible and it works, for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Still.

Maxwell Graf

...and not for nothing, but the fact that this article about this video about this issue even exists further validates SL in a way that echoes what has often been the case: people still use it and are affected by it. It is relevant, but it also always needs the voices of people like the author of the video - and even this and the digg article - to discuss the variety of ways it still exists. Good or bad, people are still spending inordinate amounts of time, effort and creativity to use SL as a way to express or something to express about...even NWN.

Iggy 1.0

No one in education even asks any longer. I still go to an occasional meeting of our EDU roundtable, but even there the applications being used--OpenSim and Unity 3D walled gardens--are outside SL. We just put on our old avatars and get together to share ideas.

But very few new actual educators join us, and no campus technologists. They've moved on, long ago, to other bright shiny objects.

sirhc desantis

Ah reddit that well known 'place' (ok more known than Digg)... and in that thread there are two actual named SLers (at first glance) : the vid maker (and a bit of a luca fan so yay) and a very old timer who is currently over at the hive mind grumbling about ban lines. Now thats passion even if a bit SL specific.

So tell me where are 'we' supposed to do this evangelising anyway. As M Graf says above - you tell people on a one to one basis and hell some of them come in and stay. Not trendy but been doing it for a decade too.

The lab could do more I guess but as I run as many adblocks as I can and don't really give a toss about anything where they might advertise how the hell would I know anyway. All I do know is land tier has dropped, group wise we have 2 new premiums (I would renew but won't get the bonus and I am a skinflint), theres more features coming online and still having a great time. [ Don't ask me exactly how these new features are going to work, still getting my head around experience stuff and bakes on mesh just leaves me shaking my head and letting the kids get on with it. Early adopter I am not but I am sure that along with pretties windlight wise and animesh and... are all going to be fabulous. In that special SL way]

Besides, tech evangelists are so last century.

Bea Arthurs Kaftan

SL has always been a niche product and now it's more niche than it has ever been. Its majority of users are an aging demographic(myself included, an aging 40something Gen-Xer) and are clearly moving on....away from SL. You still have a few diehards but just go anywhere and you see not much of anyone.

I still login every few days, but there is no more excitement like those 'boom' years or even the last few years. Yes people are still making money , yes people still log on everyday, but everything has an expiration date and perhaps this is the pivotal moment for the Lab to either redo SL as it should be done and break the old , or just bin it altogether. Either way, it's a sinking ship at this point and everyone is heading for the lifeboats.

Clara Seller

One of the most exciting things about SL, in it's prime, was that notion that this could be place for do-overs. God knows we could use that now more than ever.

Somewhere along the journey, SL became more of a reflection of the real world than a challenge to it. Your world, your imagination, kinda got squashed under the heavy hands of "Americanism".

This is where that road leads, until it's so full of potholes you can't navigate it anymore. Your money, our Empire was a choice, not an inevitability.

Chic Aeon

Somewhere along the journey, SL became more of a reflection of the real world than a challenge to it. Your world, your imagination, kinda got squashed under the heavy hands of "Americanism".

Now if "I" was going to pick out one line from this discussion so far -- that would be the winner.


I love SL, gives me a place to be different and free from reality, I love everything SecondLife has to offer, I like that there aren't so many changes close together, what is so wrong with a little consistency?

Maxwell Graf

I would like to clarify one of my statements from earlier; It sounded like I think the economy and commercial aspects of this were the only thing going on or in my mind. Quite the opposite is and has been more accurate to describe what I know about SL. I have always made it known how I feel about it, mainly that the most important parts of SL are what we bring to it, the human aspect we introduce that lies just below the veneer of pixels we wrap up in.

My best moments and memories of SL are about creativity and relationships with the amazing people there, despite it being my career for so long.


agree that Your World, Your Imagination kinda got squashed.

i wouldn't put it down to Americanism. As I can't see how President Trump had anything to do with it. Or President Obama. There were probably some emails in the squashing, but I don't think Hilary wrote them.

i don't think either the cause had anything to do with Americans standing and holding their hearts to their national anthem. Or taking a knee.

maybe its some conspiracy by some dastardly Americans to lag me to pieces some days when I log in from my own country. Or maybe to eat my stuff

Americansim. I have no idea what is mean't by this. I can only guess.

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Replacements and Alternatives to Second Life. Second Life is the oldest, biggest, most diverse and most successful virtual world in existence. But ever since about Day Two of Second Life, people have been predicting The End Of SL.

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