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Monday, June 18, 2018


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Adeon Writer

Isn't this a good thing though? Mainland has always been empty and boring, and now more people are moving there instead.

Iggy 1.0

Where else are they going to go? Not to join the 50 people in Sansar or High Fidelity. Where else has this level of UGC and world-building?

Argo  N.

Even with the slowing rate of loss I can not help wonder at what point in the future revenues will decrease so they no longer cover expenses. Other revenue streams may compensate a bit but the Lab is going to needs a significant win at some point.

It would be interesting to see what factors strongly predict sim lifetime. It would be nice to think the Lab has made such a study (this kind of data would be hard for an outsider to collect). The Labs's advertising certainly could benefit. It would also give them a better understanding of what they were selling to their paying customers.

I've been following Tyche S. work with interest for a while. With the problems of collecting and cleaning the data its been very nicely done!

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