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Thursday, July 05, 2018


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sirhc desantis

And am still failing to find in what way my UGC (which is all mine, all smoking barrels) is threatened.
And your headline : EU Readers: The Fight to Save User-Generated Content Online Must Continue -- EFF's Cory Doctorow Explains

So where is my content (as an EU bloody citizen who owns every last part because I made it no matter what platform I stick it on) threatened? I call to coffee or at least FUD,

Hamlet Au

It's explained in detail in the link in the first sentence, but here's the key bit. Bear in mind that Second Life's entire annual revenue is around $60 million.

[A]ny Internet platform that allows the publication of user-generated content is about to be hit by a massive, potentially devastating regulation -- and yes, that includes virtual worlds like VRChat, Sansar, Second Life, and any others where users can publish content they create or download to the world, i.e. the company's servers:

"Under Article 13, companies that allow user-generated content of ANY KIND would have to design some kind of machine-learning-based censorship system that used catalogs of known copyrighted works to check user submissions for copyright violations," as Cory explains to me. "Google spent $60 million developing the ContentID filter system that is only capable of analyzing audio-tracks of video."

But Google just created that for YouTube videos -- the filter challenge for online games and worlds is even greater: "That means that everything from choreography to bitmaps to 3D meshes to music and moving images would have to be filtered by games companies; no one has ever tried to build this kind of filter, but the starting price is $60 million, so expect the cost to be upwards of that."

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