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Monday, July 16, 2018


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Eliza Wierwight

The SL Kim K Avatars are really well done, the screenshots could use a little tweak though, enhance the Avatars even further.

Maelstrom Janus

Well someones making the most of the awful trend for females to posess posteriors which would suit most african pachyderms......


/me likes this


now I know why many female avatars look the way they do...

Justin Bovington

From another era: Calvin Klein promoted the launch of CKONE within Second Life, just over 11 years ago! The resulting Machinima was used during the worldwide promotion launches and also as a cinema ad (UK, Europe and USA). Cuation: video contains txt message and flip phones - another era indeed!


Kake Broek

I should like to take this opportunity to thank Kim for her friendly support in the scandalous permanent banishment case of Kake Broek by Linden Lab.

Kake Broek


Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted a screenshot from Second Life to her Instagram account to promote her new perfume!

Being Kim Kardashian, the photo has already gotten 1,154,320 likes. (I wonder how many of those people even know what Second Life is.)

And that’s not the first time she’s done it, either. Wagner James Au of the blog New World Notes tells us she did the same thing on Twitter on July 11th of this year.

Oh, by the way, since we’re discussing her, never, ever, search the SL Marketplace for “Kardashian”, mmmkay? (Remember, I warned you! Do not click that link!!)

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