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Monday, July 09, 2018


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camilia fidelis nee patchouli woollahra

The transactional fee increase does discourage impulse buying a little. It hurts less for folks who plan their spending on L$ buys out and buy more at a time, because in the end it's basically the same $1.49 per trade whether it's US$20 or US$40 or what not... :(

Expect spikier demand for US$ to L$ conversions going forward - this won't hurt the whales so much as it does impulse buyers and the littlelest residents.

Nalates Urriah

Oh, what a fine whine...

Tracy Redangel

Impulse buying/spending isn't Linden Lab's problem, I'm sorry. If you spend time in SL and know you like to shop, plan ahead. If if you impulse shop only now and again, why not keep a stash of linden on hand, then you know you'll have it there when you want/need it.

Clara Seller

It's the intimate relationship between LL and a persons credit card that keeps all of this going. This comment thread is being very condescending to those who have become the lowest on the Second Life social food chain. The social food chain isn't the real power of the economy. It's just the pretend one created by the most visible residents.

Impulse buying is everything. Kill it at the peril of of everything. Without impulse buying, you just have a fruitless small town of big egos like Sansar.

The last thing you want is to force your little people to think about spending their money on "nothing". School them and talk down to them until they wake up.
Then it's "game over" for everyone.

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