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Monday, July 16, 2018


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when discussing with people on low incomes about how they can maximise their budgets, I always find it odd when someone else jumps in and lectures us on being condescending and showing little empathy for the poor.

when we have little money then we have little money. Is no way around this other than work out how to increase our income. When we can't then we make do. We budget as best we can.

and that means those of us with low incomes have to make choices in what we do buy, this is normal. As is discussion on how we can budget better what income we do have

impulse buying is what hurts low income people more than anything

from a real world perspective its nuts to argue: Lets make it cheaper for low income people to impulse buy in SL

Clara Seller

I think it's a mistake to assume this is about "low income" people. I've found that people of all incomes generally hate being "milked" and respond in the same way. It's easy to overlook that many of these "little people" in SL have much larger RL incomes than the most celebrated SL merchants and land owners.

The "little people" may have different priorities. They may be business owners, accountants, sales people, and work with real budgets every day of their life. Maybe they have a healthy outlook on how much they can reasonably justify spending on a fantasy game.

Fifty dollars a month doesn't necessarily buy you a luxurious second life and that's what is insane. Customers who are willing to spend $600.00 a year on a game shouldn't be dismissed as stupid "low incomers" who need to put themselves on a spending leash and live a frugal life.

There just may be a line to how far the inworld elitist fantasy can be pushed onto the real world before it backfires.


The increase in buying Linden fee aside, the estimate of how long it takes to fill limit orders is a joke.

Few weeks ago, the big blob to purchase was at 262, less than 500,000 sitting at 261. So I place an order for 262 (mid 5 figures)- tells me 4 days. Fine. Indeed 262 was the price in the purchase box.

Well, the blob now is at 260. The 4 days is as faded as my memorial day picnic tan.

I used to jump in and get a quick fix at the 260 to tide me over, instead I decided to live out of inventory- no new purchases. See if my order is ever filled.

Just set up a system that is truthful.

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