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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


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Dawny Daviau

I have heard Medue being critical about Sansar on many occasions and to hear him this positive means Sansar is indeed picking up on what the users are saying! It's a lovely platform with great people and awesome experiences! So much to see and no VR headset needed trust me I have not had one for quite a while. It is a really impressive world so DO visit!


Few days ago LL said they "listened", in an email to their Sansar users. Although it would have been better if they did that more before the first public release, it's good that they listen. The best jobs that LL did in the past years were in close cooperation with their community, e.g. Bento. Instead they released Sansar with not even a progress bar, one of the most requested features, coupled with long loading times it led many users to think the client was freezing and not working. I don't mean very complex stuff that takes a long time to make, even if you are aware of it.

The problem is that alone and pretty places would hardly make Sansar a success now and it passed a lot of time meanwhile. They are trying to close the stable door, but the horse has bolted already. I kept giving a look, until few weeks ago (BTW I liked C3rb3rus' beach, he's so talented), but most people don't revisit. LL thought it was a good idea to present a quite laking thing - that could have been more honestly a tech demo - as a "(creators) beta". Visitors got their idea and first impressions and moved on. Now people are in VRChat and elsewhere. Sansar is a desert and it was build on a model that requires millions of active users to be profitable.

Perhaps their best hope at this point is what Wagner James Au wrote in this blog time ago: they could attempt a relaunch and make it better know, possibly when it's further improved and optimized.

Talking about pretty and/or interesting places, in Sansar I saw a meditation "experience" from SacredVR too. That and relaxation is something that may work in VR as you don't have to run or walk, making you sick, and immersing yourself into some nice imagination helps relaxation, so it's not bad to cover your eyes with a visor in your bedroom and relax.

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