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Thursday, July 26, 2018


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Blarg Yargison

It's a melting pot people. Everyone needs to get over themselves.

Bob J

As a real life triceratops, I take offense to the misappropriation of various horns, scales, and round flat hooves I see all around me in virtual worlds, taken from my primeval bird brethren without any proper understanding of our meteoric plight. All dinosaur or dinosaur-derived avatars should be driven by a human with a proper understanding of our rich X-assic history.

These are virtual worlds people. Picking and choosing things you like in oftentimes unrealistic fashion is the name of the game. As Blarg said, get over yourselves. Go find real issues to spend time solving.

Moggs Oceanlane

Identity exploration is a huge part of SL culture for many and those wanting to genuinely reflect this cultures could take some time to discover Asian creators - there are plenty of them in world. Perhaps you could feature some of these creators in NWN :)

Clara Seller

In real life, we have plenty of restrictions (like genetics and authoritarian governments) to stop most of us from being everything we desire to be. The author can breath a sigh of relief that identity categorization is doing just fine.

It feels a little unhinged when you see a desire to start controlling people's imaginations and their imaginary height and appearance, especially when they are working within the parameters of legality and with the common tools they have a right to use and are paying to use.

Adeon Writer

Just say they are mixed race and be done with it.

Setsuna Murakami

I swear that a lot of the commenters read a different article than the one I read because I saw nothing about anyone being forced to look a certain way, or "controlled" as Clara put it, all I read was that kawaii fashion was being misrepresented in SL and that much is true. You're free to dress however you want, but there's no need to label your style something it isn't.

Subversive Vavoom

I have to applaud what Setsuna said, that is exactly correct. Now for those of us who would simply like to remove all the faces of what are clearly children from the SL Skin designers...that's another can of worms entirely. It seems that LL has completely forgotten about ageplay.

David Cartier

So having a bi or multiracial avatar is bad? How about all of the "genuine" Asian women who have plastic surgery, to get Caucasian noses? There are LOTS of very nice realistic Asian skins being sold. Their designers should be supported, rather than ignored for the sake of the story.

Bob J

Also how about the intense hypocrisy of blaming users for “pedophilac” morphing of Asian costumes? In case you’ve been checked out for the last thirty years, Japan has some of, if not the, widest adoption of pedophilia into mainstream culture of any country on Earth. Seems to me if people should be “respecting” the culture, sexualization of children is a dead on homage. Or should we just cherry pick the parts we want “respected” and discard the inconvenient ones? Panty fetishes and tentacles inside schoolgirls are not ok, properly shaped noses yes!

Give me a break.


The thing is though, it is not being misrepresented in Second-life. Their is plenty of media in Japan that takes kawaii, and sexualizes it. Sex sells, it's just how life goes. For example, take a look at some Japan videogames (the ones that have never even made it to the US), and take a look at some of the costumes. A lot of kawaii based fashion, with an added sexy twist. Take a look at Animes, and some mangas, you'll see kawaii with a sexy twist everywhere. Also, please remember. That dressing "kawaii" shouldn't automatically classify that as "childish". Those are two different things. Their are plenty of grown women (including myself), who look extremely young, almost teen-like in appearance, but are very much past teenage years. These styles *are* kawaii, just sexified, like it is in Asia, you can honestly take any Asian videogame with character customization specifically, and see it. Don't dumb it down to just Second-life, when you know it really isn't true.


No culture owns a phenotype. You want to pretend to be of Asian descent while in SL, go for it. But you can cherry pick too. Tails anybody ? Elf ears? Asami, please clam down


I think Setsuna is right. When there is some misconception and myth, it is interesting to see how things truly are, if your intention is to represent them correctly. If you want to create an historical Viking RP and you start wearing horned helmets, you are doing it wrong. Then if you want just to play with costumes, you are free to play with your horned helmet on your anime girl avatar with a green skin, wings and a tail... it's fun. Oh, and to make a monster movie where velociraptors don't have feathers and are as tall as an horse. Just don't tell me dinosaurs were like that.


Fetishizing in SL is hardly limited to Asian cultures. Every culture is fetishized in SL including American WASP culture. When people live out their fantasies in SL, a big part of those fantasies are sexual in nature.

Blarg Yargison

I've still got a stick up my ass about all the Kardashian related articles.


This shit is just a fucking generic Western animecon, but 24/7 and in sl. Same dumb neckbeards and trailer park queens putting colorful wigs on, and running around with their arms behind their backs. "Nothing personal kid".
Just walk away, you can't change those people.


Asian American here, tired of the 24/7 perpetually offended culture of PC liberals in genera. "Appropriation" of culture or phenotypes.

Remember: No one "Owns" a culture, they have their origins, but no one has any right to exclude others from it. Furthermore no one "Owns" or the concept of "Looking asian/white/black/etc". I take NO PROBLEM with people who choose to look like a different "Race" in second life. They aren't harming me or anyone else. It's part of self expression and freedom. In fact, I'd get somewhat flattered if I find out someone who uses an east asian avatar turns out not really to be east asian. That they find features associated with my physical body attractive enough for them to use.

A big part of Second Life and similar types of communities is to explore using a body that maybe you would be happier with, or simply for fun or as an experiment. Don't take people's personal decisions with how they want to represent themselves too seriously.

But of course, there are some valid criticisms of people trying to market certain avatars as "asian" when they only have the asian eyes. Our facial structures beyond eyes also are different on average than westerners, so certainly constructive criticisms are very valid in that regard. Also don't forget Asia has over 4 billion people, not all asians are "east asians", people from India also look quite different from us.


TL;DR, fed up with the concept of cultural appropriation or appropriation of phenotypes and how it gets used to find excuses to be angry at people (usually westerners). Just have fun.

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