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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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camilia fidelis nee patchouli woollahra

Let's give it another five months. it's still too early to pop the champagne, we need to see actual long-term commitment before the party starts up.


It sounds like good news and encouraging, especially considering that usually in Summer there is less activity and comparing it to the 2016 graph: http://www.tycheshepherd.com/images/private_estates_net_change_to_01_Jan_2016.png
But yes, time will tell.

Clara Seller

I also say it's too early to tell. My observation from my particular land baron is available new sims have popped up at reduced "special" pricing. In order to get that discount, you have to move and start over. If you stay put then you're gonna be paying the same price that the big giant has set long ago.

In doing some quick price comparisons, I'm seeing some smaller barons offering mild reductions and the big giant holding firm.

I think all of this is probably a cost of living pacifier for the barons and a parachute, that was carefully designed not to open, for the residents who are falling into the fee increases.

Emilly Orr

But those discounts are paired with a fifty cent raise--from .99 to $1.49, US--in all Linden purchases (verified: both from the browser and Lindex). So we're seeing a slow upswing in sim purchases, but we're seeing the Lindex figures drop overall. Won't help anyone if someone buys a sim and no one buys things anymore...


"but we're seeing the Lindex figures drop overall"

L$ volume seems the same as past years, no? 70-80 million a day with it spiking north of 100 million at the end and beginning of the month.

Also the trade rates remain improved over how bad they got a year or two ago.

Chic Aeon

@ Emily and others with the same sentiment :D

I am having a difficult time figuring out what all the gasping is about the 50% raise in purchasing. It is a PER PURCHASE charge. So simply buying twice as much half as often actually gives you a DECREASE in the overall charge.

Really if folks can't do that they likely shouldn't be buying lindens to spend "in game". Bread and milk and such are better choices.

If people buy sims they will buy things to fill the sims. First most likely comes houses and then landscaping and then decor.

We need to remember that WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF SUMMER SEASON IN SL. It is ALWAYS slow this time of year. Has been for over a decade.

Clara Seller

Chic Aeon- there's a practical rationality to your point of view. You're a SL merchant and you come at this world and leave it with that perspective.

I'm a merchant in RL and consumerism is my SL escape hatch. Like you, I am an artist who makes my product and sells it at a premium.

Where we differ, is I don't have the luxury of doing business in a "content creators are king" fantasy. In my world, customers have multiple homes, platinum credit cards, Ivy League credentials, and passports to the world. Even the ones who don't, get treated as if they do. Try slapping a buck-fifty processing fee on a millionaire's credit card and see what kind of reaction you get. Tell them to simply "budget better, if you don't like it" and see how long you stay in business.

From my perspective, this SL fantasy of making customers the "low class" is destroying it. Sansar can't fly because it was designed on this insane premise.

Just my two cents. $1.52 with fees.

Han Held

I am having a difficult time figuring out what all the gasping is about the 50% raise in purchasing. It is a PER PURCHASE charge. So simply buying twice as much half as often actually gives you a DECREASE in the overall charge.

I'm not sure if it works out exactly that way or not -I haven't run the numbers. But it sounds plausible. I do know that I'm making larger purchases, less often simply to avoid getting over-charged.

Also I'm cutting back on spending period; though that might be related with growing disenchantment with virtual worlds than with fees.

Han Held

Ow, formatting fail. The first paragraph up there is Chic's; the last two mine.

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