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Thursday, July 05, 2018


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madeline blackbart

I mean I wouldn't say its that VR users only like casual games. I think for me personally at least (having bought both VR and normal fallout 4 in particular). The game isn't really more interactive. They still have it set up so that you click a button to pick things up or open things. You can't physically pick up or touch anything in those games. Part of what makes VR immersive isn't just the full head surround but also the ability to truly interact with things as if your there IRL. The ability to see something reach down and pick it up. On top of that, we've already played Fallout 4 and Skyrim to death. How many times can you play the same story over and over and over? Playing in VR doesn't make the story feel "newer" just mildly more immersive. So, in essence, you've got a game that you've played 100s of times that's only slightly more immersive at best and we're all shocked it isn't doing well? I mean...well...duh...

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