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Monday, July 23, 2018


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Clara Seller

What's done is done. Unfortunately, I don't feel like anything has been learned from this experience if we really think that " data mining by a hostile foreign power" spending a few thousand dollars to influence our button pushing every 4 years is a real threat.

Nope, I personally think it's that "protective" pink blanket of lies that we are wrapped in from cradle to grave that's doing the real damage. We can't see who we are, what we're really doing, where we came from, or where we're going. That smokescreen was laid down by friendly fire.

We all know that another trap is already waiting for us down the road and it wasn't placed there by some boogeyman. We'll sashay right into it with our most trusted handlers greeting us at the door.

Tizzy Canucci

The 'real' identity matters to Facebook - their whole business model depends on getting the cleanest possible data to sell advertising on the back of. That's why they will never let you opt out, let alone adopt another identity. It's pure commercial interest, and it's been very successful. For them.

Vince Medlock

Good points. Just one of many reasons that I don't really use FB anymore. Given a choice, I'd delete my account altogether. Instead, I sandbox it as much as possible, lie to FB wherever I can, and generally try to mess with their algorithms.

"Real You" needs to die as quickly as possible.

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