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Monday, August 06, 2018


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Jolie Serendipity

When I first joined SL in 2010, I was told by several designers that I needed to be taller. Since then I have lowered my height, and currently am 5'. I've also noticed several of my friends' heights have shrunken too. I notice that my body looks more proportionate now than before.

Mellyn Llewellyn

However, nothing looks right when an avatar is that short. Houses, furniture, doors, windows all look ridiculously large next to a 5’ avatar. Pictures for blogs look very odd. Animations don’t work well. It’s not really a solution to shrink your avatar if you walk around looking like a munchkin.

Clara Seller

I kinda get the feeling that the conclusions have been written before all of the evidence has been examined.

Are we indeed in a better world now? Has the greater good been served? Are we really being honest?

When I first came to SL, I personally had the impression that it was a little bit of a male-dominated environment. My feeling has changed today. Oddly enough, when I first came to SL, it felt much more culturally diverse. It felt more welcoming and free.

Has "girl power" been good for SL? Do the numbers support this? Are these shorter avatars really better? When you go to events, have you really looked at the disfigured female form that has reached epidemic proportions? Are we really in a better place? I don't know.

Some of those "bad" extinct avatars housed some treasured friends and acquaintances from places I would never dream of meeting people. Sometimes what was on the inside made the outside more appealing or unimportant. I fear by the time we're all finished being squeezed and empowered through this cookie press of correct absolutes, we're going to be about as interesting as a box of vanilla wafers.

Aliasi Stonebender

Oddly, I'm all for people with more 'appropriate' heights... because it's harder to be impressively tall if EVERYONE is maxing out that slider.

That said, in this context impressively tall is '12 foot dragon-woman avatar', not just someone maxed out normally. ;)

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