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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


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Great article with some interesting points. Will be great to see how Decentraland evolves over time. Maybe next year we'll see more coverage of a successful Decentraland from BBC.

Carlos Loff

One more cartoonish crapp, even more cartoonish than previous ones, jesus, give me one thousand part of your funding and I will make a priject on Second Life that reaally makes a difference


It is interesting to compare this story to the Inworldz-Islandz controversy.
Apparently, folks think that what they create is intransigent. If you think your stuff will last the ages, I have shoe boxes of punch cards that represent 10's of thousands of hours of work by some of brightest folks I have ever known. (I will sell them for a penny a card - LOL)

The idea to go with a stylized world for Decentraland is a good one, it will add a bit more longevity to the content. After all, if you watch a 50 year-old Bugs Bunny cartoon and it still looks pretty good and you will laff, and if you watch a 50 year-old Star Trek you'll still laff, but that is because it looks ridiculous.

I will not be buying in to the Dencetraland project. Contributions to Firefail and Star Citizen have taught me not to fund this sort of thing ever again. Might as well have spent that money on Lotto tickets......


PS: I throw in that book of poems I wrote in college with punch cards for free. No doubt it will be worth a fortune someday.

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