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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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I really enjoy this viewer for photo snapping. The Poser tool is super useful for self shots, too. Here's some photos I've taken with it.


Blarg Yargison

I remember when Gibson guitar had a sim too. I grabbed every guitar they offered.


Sadly this viewer don't even want to launch on my PC, no idea why :(



This could be due to 2 reasons:

1. Your CPU does not support AVX (Advanced Vector Extension) thus cannot run the latest version. Choose the version without "AVX" in its name.

2. Your Windows is not 64bit and thus cannot run neither of the latest two 64bit versions. Choose the version without "64x" in its name.


The SIM is also known as "Doomed Ship" and is indeed very old (i think around a decade now) making it one of the oldest RP SIMs still "alive", alive as in still there, not often visited but still available.

It should be noted though that Doomed Ship is by far not one of the fanciest places, i'd rank it pretty low on the "fancy SIM" list. Quite a lot of it is still built with old prims and its age shows a lot. Most of it's decent look comes from the atmosphere and lighting not necessarily the place itself.

Masami Kuramoto

Umm... sorry, but the only things that could make SL look like a AAA game is a modern PBR shader pipeline with global illumination, light probes, GLSL support etc. — along with TONS OF CONTENT actually using these features efficiently! None of these things is going to materialize any time soon. It's a common misconception to think that a shiny new viewer is all it takes to magically make dated SL content look good. At this point most SL content creators haven't even figured out how to make use of the previous overhaul of the materials system.


Can someone help with black dragon, I have bbl on secondlife it’s work great till I logged in recently and my body is grey. My hands, feet and hand are okay it’s just the body itself and I cleared as well.

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