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Thursday, August 30, 2018


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"In other words: Second Life's lack of set goals directly led to its reputation as a giant, pervy virtual sex hovel."

Unless you can make that claim about Minecraft, your assertion is bunk.


If Second Life had set goals I'd have lost interest within a few months rather than still be here almost 12 years later.

The User Achievement ranking system was still in the profile when I joined in November 2006. There was no leader board but the rankings were still there in the profile and you could still rank other avatars. Even then it was horribly gamed and pretty much meaningless

Hamlet Au

"about Minecraft"

Minecraft starts as a single-player game with a set goal -- survive the creeps and other dangers.

Madeline blackbart

As far as minecraft is concerned there's a very well known section of minecraft users that make awkward sexy (or even straight up pornographic) videos they upload places like youtube, redtube, etc. It's actually a super common joke made about minecraft. So yeah....you can kinda make that claim about minecraft to.

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