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Thursday, August 23, 2018


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ram kishore




Sounds like HFC is a classic "fiat-collateralized stablecoin" (a cryptocurrency with the primary goal of maintaining a stable exchange rate, backed by a fiat currency like USD). There are many other cryptocurrencies attempting to do this (like Tether). Fiat-collateralized coins like this really need regular audits to ensure transparency. Otherwise, the stablecoin owner could be running things as a fractional reserve, which is not. a. good. thing.

Coming up with a stable cryptocurrency that really works a big race 2018-2019. Nobody in fintech is exactly sure what the best route is, so lots of folks are approaching the problem in diferent ways (good overview at https://hackernoon.com/stablecoins-designing-a-price-stable-cryptocurrency-6bf24e2689e5).

My new gig is working exactly in this space, so I'm looking forward to seeing how HFC pans out in the future.

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