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Monday, August 27, 2018


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sweet valentine

i ok'd use of my textures,cupids textures, there but then removed the ok when i was attacked by the owner and her flunkies...they basically said they have a right to do what they want with any of our IP and i needed to be silent...i will take care of my customers personally now ......i give no license for use in this grid and state so in my new TOU


I find myself more interested in where Elf Clan lands than the fate of Inworldz/Islandz. I was impressed Elf Clan thrived after leaving SL, but a month with no home is a long time for a virtual community - Folks just sort of wander off.....

Macphisto Angelus

Rei, Way keeps things updated on the official blog.


Right now they are working on self hosting from what I read.

sirhc deSantis

Right now on ex grid channel the talk is of - the weather.


Greetings all. It has certainly been an "interesting" 5+ weeks for Inworldz refugees... a time that has kept the Eldar of Elf Clan hopping looking not only for a new central home... but viable homes for our members as well. In this we have focused not on mourning our losses (which are certainly significant), but upon re-building and growth.

Rei makes a very good point, one that we realized by the end of the first week: the longer time passes, the more members will scatter in search of a new home. This isn't just a matter of, "Well that game is done, let's find a new game." For many people, the virtual worlds are their lives. The will not sit around waiting for someone to re-structure their social community.

At the same time we realized that Elf Clan was no longer "land-locked". Our arrangement with Inworldz was done (by their own statement), our members were finding homes on new grids... and we came to understand this was fine. Elf Clan is not a land-bound group; it is a concept. We are basically a family-friendly fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk group, and we can be anywhere and everywhere. This is especially true on the Hypergrid.

One can learn about latest group developments at our website:

We invite our current members (and anyone who is interested in the group) to visit that site and (if desired) become an affiliate Elf Clan land on a grid of your choice. We realize Elf Clan will continue regardless of how many or how few lands form our group. Wherever the Elf Clan Banner flies, people know they will find visitor-welcoming, family-friendly lands of fantasy-themed beauty (or space ships and robots, whatever. We're flexible).

The concept of Elf Clan is changing, our horizons expanding. When we left Second Life we grew from 2 regions under one owner to 54 individually-owned lands. We cannot predict the future-- but the potential offered by OpenSim and the Hypergrid is definitely bright.

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