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Tuesday, August 07, 2018


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sirhc deSantis

Not really a surprise. For many, IW was a place to go for some who really had enough of SL for various reasons. Others that had feet in both are not going to shift the numbers much anyway.
On a positive note, indications from the 'diaspora' channel seem to show that people are moving and exploring some rather good places - TAG, Digi, Metro, Kitely etc where they can discover the hypergrid from a stable base. Its all good for the overall meta although it might make a replacement IW a bit more of a hard sell as a closed environment.

Camilia Fidelis nee Patchouli Woollahra

Many InWorld Residents were exiles (voluntary or otherwise) from Seconnd Life. There are issues with SL's general culture as a megacommunity that drove them away, and there probably hasn't been enough time since InWorldz came online for that culture to change what frightened them away, whether it was our crass commercialism, obsessions with collection and visual beauty, or unfortunate need for unnecessary drama.

it is what it is.

Chic Aeon

I was very active in IWZ for several years. I can't see many folks going "back" to SL. That's just the nature of the grid. And I can say that I am selling a fair amount of things at Kitely Market that are going to Digiworldz.

That's my input :D

CronoCloud Creeggan

I truly do feel for the InWorldz users who lost their "home grid."

But....there aren't enough InWorldz users to noticeably increase SL concurrency or affect SL visibly. Besides that fact that some OpenSim users still use SL, it's just not their primary grid. Now if those users jumped to another of the little grids, whose user numbers are also small, that would be noticed. Which of course, it has.

the "little grids" have always been a niche market, but it's a niche market of a niche market. And as we've seen, a few mistakes with finances can take a little grid down fast. ONE mistake can kill them.

Personally I think the little grids should charge more for land, to build up more money to weather issues, but that's probably not feasible considering the demographics of the Opensim userbase.

The funny thing is, if someone asked me which little grid's I'd recommend, one of them would have been InWorldz. The other is Kitely, and if I ever seriously made a "third life" in one of the smaller opensim based grids, it would probably be Kitely. (I don't really have the time to do so.)

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