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Monday, August 20, 2018


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I'll paraphrase what Ebbe told me while I was up there concerning OnLive!

I had specifically asked while up there about OnLive and why Linden Lab didn't just buy them out when they had the chance, roll the service into their Premium Accounts as added value proposition, and keep the mobile access along with it. This would have ensured that a Premium Member of SL could effectively run on Ultra regardless of their local computer and get a pretty good experience as the cloud servers augmented their own computer. It's the sort of thing that the average user would gladly pay for - the ability to run on Ultra even if they have myopic computers that can barely handle minesweeper.

The answer, to paraphrase, was something along the lines of:

At the time, OnLive came to Linden Lab looking for permission to make the mobile client and use the trademarks. Linden Lab didn't get hands-on with the process but gave them the green light as a third party.

Judging from this post here, it would seem at least *something* I said up there sunk in during my visit. Of course, they're targeting mobile at the moment and no word yet as to whether the team at Linden Lab has had the collective foresight to try and onboard members of the Lumiya team out of the gate since they seem to have a head start in that area, and just hire the extra people to handle the cloud streaming stuff.

Now, if only they'd turn on the built-in weather system they got from Windward Mark Interactive...


Second life for iPad would be very much appreciated.

Top Store vip

LAb seems to have nailed some good one cause the way they are handling Sl looks like if they have a 4 year child as CEO!


Second life for iPad would be appreciated.

iTech Beast

nice work. Keep it up

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