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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


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I disagree - the switch to PBR a few years back basically meant that texture artists should no longer be painting in shadows/highlights already. If you're doing that, you're breaking the sophisticated lighting models in modern engines.

Arguably the time saved was now spent in producing a lot more maps - previously you had maybe bump/spec/diffuse, now you've got albedo/normal/depth/occlusion/roughness/metalness, as well as detail maps and more complex shader setups which might add things like bent normals and so forth.

I can't see these details getting pushed into meshes either - realtime raytracing still has poly limits on levels comparable to rasterisation; ray/triangle intersection tests are not free; and materials will still be a faster workflow than trying to model this all.

That said - the technology is evolving, modern texture artists are just as likely to be doing photogrammetry scans of real world objects as they are painting in details by hand, but I can't see their jobs going anywhere soon.

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