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Friday, August 10, 2018


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sirhc desantis

No such avatar in SL.
Nor 'Cassandra' Middles.
Nor any combo including 'Resident'.
Oh also no 'middles' as a name ever :) Now, Middle exists...

Having said that nice filler and 'tube puff piece for the weekend.


Try cassandramiddles.resident
She's been around as a SL vlogger for a few years.

Blaise Glendevon

I cannot imagine being so self important that you write off a person getting real intimate with their mental health issues as 'filler' or 'puff piece.'

Chuck Strong

She could have changed her animation - it's kinda hard to take seriously someone who's talking while they're feeling themselves up every 30 seconds.


I think it is difficult not a get some kind of online addiction in today digital world, you can get almost everything you need and enjoy when you turn on the computer.

what the

shes talking about addiction to secondlife in a video where shes in secondlife? seems weird

Chris Katz

Yeah, second life is perverted and full of perverts. There is reall nothing else in second life other than sickness and perversion. They love to eat shit there if you pay the whore.

Chris Katz

If you want to destroy your mental health, go to second life.

Jacques Mesrine

Some very prominent people affected by mental diseases/disorders even do run some of the biggest countries nowadays. No wonder, in sl reality is mirrored on a micro-scale so perfectly and the number of affected people in SL grew over my last 11 yrs of observations constantly. Noticing that as a postgraduate sociologist.

Blaise Glendevon

@Chris Katz - And yet, you're here.


I think that it was a good video, she clearly opened her heart and gave some practical advices on how to handle SL addiction, being very honest with her personal challenges and what consequences there might be.

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