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Monday, August 27, 2018


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They could name the new continent Jesse.


The geography here may as well have been drawn by a child. Take a glance at Sansara, the cloned portion of Sansara which is the former Teen Grid: look at the interesting shapes of Satori, Natulius, Corsica, Heterocera.
Have all the Lindens who had even the slightest grasp on how to make a good looking mainland since been fired and replaced by people who don't use the platform at all? How is it that land made in 2003, even textured as poorly as many of those continents are, still manages to look better than any of the Linden land brought online post-2009? Making a swathe of new regions is a complete waste if they are devoid of character.
What you're looking at here is the work of someone who got paid to do a worse job than the paying residents could themselves have accomplished.


Looks like a landing spot for new avis.

Clara Seller

TudorMop had a great post and inspired me to pull up the map and appreciate the love of adventure that was put into the old SL creations. It was pretty great.

80 new regions? If I try to do Labthink, I'd say it's an "experience" that's themed on an anticipated trend that's based on an upcoming movie and it's designed to bring in new revenue and probably has nothing to do with current customer desires. Sorry, but I'm just kinda used to that "it ain't for you" package with a bow on it.


The style puts me in mind of the old Linden Homes continent-things. Could this be more of the same, using 1024 parcels? I'd expect there to be a lot made available at the start, which maybe needs this sort of area. Would people abandon the old-style Linden Homes? How would the old 512s be used? Could they be converted to new-style 1024s as people moved out?

Chic Aeon

Here is the latest.

I spotted roads today mostly by accident and only when I cammed out to a certain level (there appear to be some JIRA issues with the map for some of us lately). Also it looks like the beginnings of a harbor with boat docks in the north.

The new plots are of varying sizes with something close to a 4096 as the smallest. "MOAR" COULD stand for Mature or Adult Residences. It could of course stand for other things too. Fun to watch though.


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