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Thursday, August 09, 2018


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Willliam Burns

Dual Universe decimates both concurrency records.

250 in a single spot isn't impressive. Dual Universe managed over 1,000 in a single spot and that was a few years ago with the added caveat that the system continues to scale cost effectively for much higher numbers due to their underlying architecture.

Keep in mind that Dual Universe is also dealing with entire planets and galaxies.

7,000 is sort of impressive but I'd be willing to bet they're brute forcing it, which means that impressive number may be the limit for them.

But High Fidelity? They're bragging about 250 concurrency like it's impressive. Only if you're comparing it to Second Life.

Hamlet Au

"Dual Universe managed over 1,000 in a single spot and that was a few years ago"

Link for a report on this? Not seeing anything on the Google...

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