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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


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Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the building blocks... it only seems childish until you get into it, it’s actually got a powerful programming built in.


Kind of funny that in order to play with this, you need a rig that can handle VR, but the actual world doesn't utilize the dang card they needed for VR. Sorry, Kind of a waste, if you ask me. I also do not see anything even remotely complex. All the interactions are basic features. I find it interesting that people think prim building is still a thing, outside of minecraft. Why would I purposely want to build inferior 3D things? My view is that it's a niche thing, of a niche thing. I'd rather keep creating amazingly real mesh models, with pbr materials. My prediction is that the worlds that will make it, will be those that cater to artists, and professionals, not tinkerers. Those people have Minecraft. lol


This is a great idea! I like the charity thing too. Good job!!

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