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Monday, September 10, 2018


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I welcome this shit. LL wont police mp anymore and SL is full of ripped representations of rl things. Time to go original, people. Down with "creators" whose only tool is mesh uploader window.

Dj banana

If it passes it will destroy creators ability to freely create

Isabelle cheren

This potentially will cost us the user ultimately?
In our pockets, potentially companies may decide the cost exceeds ?
That’s my concern here too.
I’m not bothered by the two bit copybots. I’m more concerned that the impact potentially could mean companies could financially be so affected they cease to exist. Isn’t the the hugest concern?


dotdotdot (the LL comment) and SL you do know Coca-Cola advertised in sl, early 2007 right? The design of the in-game ads, (user created) by a hired representative of the Coca-Cola company. Second all of the toolset people use to create and upload user created content are literally user created. Maybe not only for the purpose of second life, but they were designed to give people with an imagination a good means to put it to use.


@Tarx - well put them tools to good use then jesus christ. Dont model louis vuitton bags and all that shit.
Also what did you want to tell with coca cola ad example? Their papers were legit, as well as nissans, ibms, and many other rl companies that used sl to promo their stuff.
All that freedom of expression argument is some hippie bullshit. Why do you have to express yourself through other peoples work(and make money from it)? Do your own thing.

Chic Aeon

"Google spent $60 million developing the ContentID filter system that is only capable of analyzing audio-tracks of video..."

And it doesn't WORK. I have had videos flagged that were completely copyright free (sigh). Any attempts to get that remedied are now useless (it was better a few years ago). What that means is basically I am no longer uploading on YouTube.

And so the story goes.


@dotdotdot. I didn't go in to enough detail with the Coca-Cola example. Er, I guess any really. branding and trade marked goods legit or not have always been in sl. Let the creators or illegitimate tm and branded whatever get booted from the servers when LL updates their legal every few years or so just gotta wait. I mean heck are you expecting a speedy scoot n boot it ain't Congress.

sirhc deSantis

No, still not seeing as how this will stifle my own UGC, caveat being I have not fully analysed the Voss stuff but see no problem.
As for the alphabet company having to spend 60 million on something that does not even work (according to Ser Aeon who I have no reason to disbelieve) then diddums. I am sure they can write it off somewhere to help cut their corporate tax bill. If they ever decide to pay one.
Some of the anti stuff is fascinating, especially if you follow the trails to who is behind the lobbying. Strange bedfellows indeed. My fave has to be 'Save The Meme' though.
All I can say is that if it means one does not simply grab a still of Sean Bean and slap a few lines of text on to it then nothing of value will be lost.

And I am a Bean fan :) Back to blender/processing/lsl editor/etc to, you know, create something.

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