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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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Guni Greenstein

I am absolutely not happy about this because of the potential for abuse and future introduction of censorship by governments ("hate speach", nudity etc).

But as far as the economic impact on small companies: can't we expect some third party service providers to emerge offering such a filter service or software for validating content files to smaller UGC companies? Why would Linden Lab need to create their own filter?


Great EU passed the CD now a six year old won't be able to jump on Minecraft or second life and say he f***Ed your mom. But seriously if our governments are more concerned about the lingo or visual problems in games and social media, than they are about actually running a country well and keeping it's people happy. Whoo, we are in deep deep shiiit! Wait... Did our governments ever?


is end of days for host server owners coining it by making available other peoples stuff without their consent

the EU has this right and it is a good thing, as not all our stuffs wants to be free

for my own stuff (which is everything I make) I put it into the Public Domain. Which tells everyone that my own stuff does wants to be free, because it is

unlike some other peoples stuff which don't wants to be free. Because as a creative they are trying to make a living from their work, like a real job. And not have to work as a night cleaner which is also a real job but one they would rather not have to do

as for new startups and existing businesses who want to continue making available other peoples stuff without their consent then is pretty much Cry Me! as far as I am concerned

montecore babcock

Would SL be able to avoid that by shutting down it's European logins?


There is, of course, a third choice: Build a Reverse Great Firewall around Europe and block European users from the internet. Some companies have already done that over the GDPR, and they don't seem to have suffered.

Veridian Nexus

This is the start of Censorship if the people of Europe do not fight back and resist this then this will be the end of free thought on the internet for you all. The EU in the form it is in now must go it has become an evil Censoring monster who seeks to control every aspect of your lives slowly increasing its power like a cancerous tumor. Cut out this tumor its almost to late! WWG1WGA

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