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Monday, September 17, 2018


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Marianne McCann

"Pictured: Popular SL Gacha from 2014"

The picture has the word "2013" right on it. Also, that doesn't look at all like a gacha item, especially not at that price point. Did you post the wrong photo?

Hamlet Au

Yeah I'll update that. Iris blogged it Jan 2014, a New Year's release that extended into 2014: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2014/01/fukubukuro.html

sirhc deSantis

No dog in this for a change but how does "tackling unlicensed third-party websites offering illegal gambling linked to popular video games" have anything to do with gacha stuff within SL? I mean - what unlicensed 3rd party websites? Curious, as the way it is worded I would think the Lab would have already been down on them like a tonne of rectangular building things.

(I did read the earlier piece but still have a confuse as that was about the ripoff scum)

Aliasi Stonebender

It's not just 'stuff from third party websites', as in-game lootboxes are being investigated and found illegal as well, as much as Electronic Arts is desperately shouting "CAN'T HEAR YOU!" in that regard.

I think SL Gachas might actually be on better ground, although I also won't be sad if they vanish. No-copy is death for people who like to kitbash and modify, so they really aim more towards the ready-made fashion market than what I think of as the more 'traditional' SLer who might not be a builder but at least has enough familiarity with the tools to change textures and play Primtionary.

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