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Thursday, September 20, 2018


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As someone who's had a very RL situation blasted on SLSecrets and made worse for it, I think you're naive if you think it doesn't affect your life outside of SL.

And it doesn't matter if you don't actively read them, someone will tell you, as they told me, that there's secrets about you. I have no shame in saying that the website actively contributed to feelings of anxiety and depression, that's the truth.

That said, I don't think banning the owners in SL is right, nor do I think it'll do anything as far as the site is concerned. They've made it abundantly clear they will continue as long as they want to. I wish they'd reconsider, but that's just my personal feelings on it.

sweet valentine

all it is is a place that breeds and feeds bullies...everyone at some point participates in gossip but alot of this site is just cruel and shame on the owners for allowing and encouraging it...we have enough hate an discontent in the world


personally it feels like some "popular" brands in SL were outed for being scam artists and grasping at anything to take themselves out of the lime light and play the victim, since SL Secrets doesn't seemingly contribute to the economy where as these brands do, SL choose a stance.

ReRe Sandalwood

I have periodically looked at SL Secrets, and it reminds me of stuff written in a nasty bathroom stall. In a society that already glamorizes the ignorant and petty, we have to look beyond sites like that and read articles aimed at educating, not humiliating.


A detriment to the grid? What about all the DMCA cases hanging around, the rampant and obvious ripping of IP and stuck in the game, that get stuck on Marketplace but LL does nothing about it?

But sure, ban some third-party website for running a gossip column.

By the way, this is not the only gossip blog out there. The Whisperer is another and it's been going for a long time. Will they be the next to be banned? And if so, where does the blog banning stop? Is it just with whomever the Lab doesn't like?

LL staff needs to find something better do with their time than this trifling drek.


I was blasted on SL Secrets about some rl things and it affected me pretty badly. So for them to say that people who are affected by this in rl have deeper issues are just as bad as the people submitted the gossip.

And if this leads to bullying and they think someone has deeper issues then why put the suicide hotline at the bottom of blog every week?

I don't agree with this site and never have but I don't agree that they get banned from logging into second life.

Clara Seller

I had forgotten about that place. Kinda felt like taking a shower after visiting again. That stuff is like home-cooked meth. You can't ban it. You just have to walk away.

I can't help but feel that LL has also done it's part in feeding this trash. It's the grotesque counterbalance of tipping the scales of attention and fame worship. LL could have cultivated other aspects of this world and given a little bit more respect to that which is not so easily exploitable. Throwing your little monsters out on the street isn't going to absolve you of your failures. You had other children, you should have paid attention to them.

We all reap what we sow.


"For reasons that aren’t completely clear"? How is this not clear: From Second Life ToS:
6.1 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights.
You agree that you will not: (iv) Post, display, or transmit Content (including any communication(s) with employees of Linden Lab) that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy;

Nowhere is mentioned that transmission of such Content should exclusively occur inside the Service in order to be considered harassing.

Each and every post published on SL Secrets is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate and/or misleading. Although secrets are made by users, owners transmit those posts, and especially because they claim they do censor some of the posts, they are fully responsible for anything that appears on their site.
The site is only about Second Life and Second Life community, also (quoting the Advertise section of SL Secrets) "This blog accepts forms of cash advertising ($L)"... "pay Lourdes Denimore inworld" so they do monetize (or tried to) in Second Life currency. Not that I believe they ever sold a single banner, but for sure it shows how the site is exclusively addressed to Second Life users, hence Linden Lab have every right to ban the owners, given the contents they publish.


What about "The Whisperer"? They are just as bad and even more mean spirited than SLSecrets. Its funny how one website gets targeted but not the other.


Have you heard of Seraphim? SL Secrets is not the most visited blog dedicated to Second Life content. I would agree that most people do not admit they check the SL Secrets website, but clearly do, or they would not have such high statistics. SL Secrets is most likely the most visited blog dedicated to negative Second Life content.


If you really want to see what caught the attention of LL concerning SLSecrets and caused, directly, for Lourdes to be banned (and now the other foot dropping with kesseret) look at the major subject of slsecrets the week or two before she was banned. Yes, LL is a corporation and their attorneys are circumspect to protect LL in the face of a possible legitimate lawsuit that may come their way if they don't act to at least give the appearance that they do not endorse what happens and what is done and said on that blog.


Exactly. We know what this is really about. Some of those secrets have accused LL's own staff and helpers of... let's say, less than nominal behavior.


"I get bored" - Kesseret Steeplechase

pretty much sums it up

boring people crave relevance. When hosting hatemongers is the extent of their relevance then yes, boring


Chuck is right. According to Similar Web, Seraphim.com has about 6 times the traffic of SLSecrets and 9 times the traffic of New World Notes. Maybe you don't consider it a blog.

Han Held

It's a placeholder, that might be why.
How about http://seraphimsl.com/ ?

Kake Broek

"The End is at Hand"

Kake Broek


Here, in case you're still wondering why that site is considered harmful:

They just allowed an instigation to commit suicide. But hey, Lourdes has no regrets so is all good.

Ziggy Starsmith

People need to realize this is all about us playing dress up with computer dolls and stop taking this nonsense so seriously.
People getting upset over someone badmouthing them need a new hobby.
On the other hand when you run a pic of Patch Linden with a child avatar innocently hanging out and insinuating it is pedophilia then of coarse your ass will get banned.
All this is boring crap and your not even close to the real fun and gossip! lol

Karla Norberg

No moral, no empathy, no regret, and a bunch of victim blaming: "If someone is genuinely hurt by SLSecrets they have other issues" "mentally unstable".
If those people posting all those offenses really believe they must have no effect, then why they try to offend and hurt? A ton of blatant hypocrisy too. All that boldness, until it's time to take responsibility, then they piss their pants and go full delusional, self absolving an pointing finger at the victims. LOL.
Someone may take things too seriously, but someone else has sociopath traits.

Anonymity is a tool that can be used for a good cause or in stupid ways.
Ok silly pictures: "SL smell as beef"? LOL. Kinda ok warning about (alleged) bad individuals, exposing copybots and the other things, but reporting is the right way. If LL doesn't appear to take action, blame them, but they are quick to ban if you have *evidences* of pedos. Spreading hate, defamation based on assumptions, rumors and BS isn't ok at all.
Now admire the mental stability of the silly ones. You see an avatar that looks like a caricature and you have a good laugh between you and a friend? Fine. Maybe that was the purpose, you have no idea why they made that. You make a meme about a silly trend? Fine too. Then you have those intolerant nuts that need to use a website to vent out their frustration and to tell - all condescending and overconfident - "stop making avatars like that" in a world where everyone is free to make their avatars as silly or exaggerated as they want. LOL! Then we have all the angry ones that use that website to went out their anger for something happened in a virtual world, but the offense target shouldn't take it seriously, because, you know, it's a virtual world. Yeah. Surely it's plenty of jerks with any kind of mental issue or disorder, and there are also jerks that blame their victims, but also who is genuinely a victim and is angry or got a trauma. Who is angry is suffering, could be even obsessed, and I'm not sure if that website is the best help for them.

that guy

SL Secrets is nothing but toxic garbage


That site is dangerous. I don't see why the owners of the site that deserved the ban, would want to stir up negativity and hate. That's the last thing we needed.


I've been on SL almost 10 years never have I once been mentioned on that website nor has anyone I ever knew.

How about you people keep better company?

Serious, I check it maybe once every two months and read a bunch of weeks, every time I do and see names there I can only think "who the hell are these people?"

Apart from that, SLsecrets exposes A LOT of IP theft, even on this comment section people are trying to pass those as false claims, really? Those side by side pictures aren't real?
I also find it amusing how in this blog post you claim to have interviewed several well known creators when they are known to not even give the time of day to large platform, but alright, I'll roll with that...
Having that said, doesn't surprise me one bit "content creators" don't like SLsecrets over the aforementioned exposure, be it mesh they buy off the shelve or just RL brand designs they rip off.

More than anything, I think that is the reason why LL banned them, stupidly... because when you ban something you just make people want it more, this happens time and time and time again...
If we could magically remove from SL anything that violates IP, you'd have nothing left.
Every car, bike, plane on SL is in violation of IP, as well as most clothes not to mention tattoos, and so on and so forth.


I never know who any of the people are on SL secrets they seem made up almost. The only legit ones I saw were gacha related but people who are in the know (apparently no one at SL Secrets) has seen the livestreams where those 3 guys look at the no mod scripts in the machines at the gacha events and see the numbers are skewed badly and the whole thing is very shady and a scam. The lastest Epiphaney one was huge. just stay away from gacha and sl secrets and you're fine.

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