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Monday, September 10, 2018


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A few corrections on this article. First to nitpick: My name is Wayfinder Wishbringer, not Wayfarer. A common mistake-- not to worry. ; )

Data correction: Elf Clan joined Inworldz in May 2010... not 2012. We were on Inworldz for a bit over 8 years when that grid collapsed.

In regard to the comment: "To judge by its website, which has very few prominent virtual world images, Elf Clan is very much more of a concept, than a "physical" community."

If one visits our website and examines the numerous articles there, you'll find many images of our lands. (There used to be more, but the necessity of switching to a new blog host had some downsides.) It's not a photo gallery nor is it a forum; it is an informational website to keep our members up to date on group activities and concepts.

But more importantly: while Elf Clan is indeed (by our own admission) a "concept" that can be carried to many grids... our physical community is quite established and has been since 2004 (if one can call virtual worlds a "physical" community).

As of the writing of this post, a mere 7 weeks (as of today) after the self-destruction of Inworldz, Elf Clan already has lands the equivalent of 64 SL/Inworldz regions-- the largest "physical" manifestation of lands ever achieved by our group. These lands are spread out across the OpenSim hypergrid rather than gathered in one location. In other words, instead of us all living in the same "city", Elf Clan has now expanded world-wide. Freed from the "closed wall mentality" we have adapted and learned to stretch out a bit.

I would not categorize Elf Clan in the same genre as SL Universe or Plurk; that is as different as apples and... batteries. Elf Clan is still very much a 3D-virtual entity. The fact that we have an information website makes our 3D community nature no less a reality. Those who arranged personal interviews and actually toured our lands found this well-established. The lands of ElvenGlen, ElvenSong, ElvenMyst, Replicant City, ElvenWorld, Ithil Dae and more are quite "physical" in existence.

The latest information on Elf Clan can be found here:
ElfClan region on OSgrid (Our homelands. Online/offline regularly during construction phase)
ElvenWorld region on OSgrid
Ithil Dae region on Kitely
... and growing.

Inworldz closed July 27, 2018. It is today Sept 14. Not a lot of time to move an entire group and re-build from the ground up... but we've made considerable progress. Our very best wishes to other groups and individuals who suddenly found themselves looking for new homes following the sudden demise of Inworldz. The trick is to "never give up, never quit". Elf Clan survived the mass-exodus of Second Life. We've survived the self-destruction of Inworldz. The future remains to be discovered.

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