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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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"...where they want to control the supermodel too"

Niran's blog states...


NiranV Dean


Pretty sure he was referring to the fact that you can use Animesh to pose another "you" now.

He wasn't implying that you can pose other user-controlled avatars.

Hamlet Au

Yes, thanks for the clarification!


Animesh supermodels? I can hardly imagine the popular bodies having an animesh variant.

NiranV Dean

Given the fact that currently the polygon limit of Animesh is set to 100.000 polygons most of the popular mesh models can be used as Animesh and it is as simple as putting it on the ground and ticking the "Animated Mesh" checkbox in the build window.

Animesh can be basically anything as long as it follows this simple rule.


Hmm ok. Well, few things to consider here... Most people would attach more than just the body component which excludes the feet, hands and head. So, you have the mesh head, bento hands, and feet. Just for example, the Maitreya body alone (no feet and hands) is 108K, not <=100K. I used your Avatar Complexity Dialog to see these numbers. In total, the complete body with head (no clothes, etc) is like 338K tris. You also have to consider the clothing and hair that would need to be attached which I'm not sure how that works out with animesh.

NiranV Dean

Not at all then. Guess they are shit out of luck.

Lucky for us.

No Maitreya/Belleza shitshow animesh avatars lagging you to death.


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