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Monday, October 15, 2018


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Here we have creative games that get million monthly active users, even better if they have a mobile version. Minecraft and Roblox have a mobile version.
IMVU is a 3D chatroom and comes with a mobile version too: they used to have 600k monthly active users in 2008. Now they have 4 million monthly active users. That's about 8 times Second Life now, if SL still has an half million monthly active users (or accounts: a percentage of those are bots and people with multiple accounts).

Social virtual world platforms never had a huge success. SL is an exception that enjoyed a brief popularity and had a modest success (but pretty profitable for Linden Lab). Active Worlds, as far as I remember, never got past a concurrency of few hundred "citizens", now it's about 80-70 visitors, and I guess the monthly active users aren't many. Other ones didn't go very far or even closed.
High Fidelity is fascinating. There is always that hope that one day... but it's usage remains very low and I'm not sure if it's going to have a better history than Active Words. The pattern in most cases looks like that. Among the new gen, VRChat is by far most successful. I don't know how many monthly active users VRChat has, but given that their user concurrency is just a fraction of SL, it's unlikely that the monthly active users is a big number. It doesn't look like that it's going to grow any further: VRChat golden age was brief and it lost its momentum quickly, then stabilized.
VR remains a niche, while mobile goes strong. I know that some social VW plans to make a mobile version, maybe that would help a little.

Hard to know what will happen next, if someone will find the right idea to make a social VW a big success, but I suspect those graduated from Minecraft and Roblox, would graduate to another game. Or someone of them will create it.

Aliasi Stonebender

It's also why, while Minecraft is a little further on the game axis than SL, why it's one of the very few 'virtual worlds' I'll mention as being the same type of thing, especially on highly modded servers. You may not be able to make things quite as arbitrarily as on Second Life, but it's still a cut above what most games allow.

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