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Thursday, October 25, 2018


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Chic Aeon

Just a note that I noticed 37 folks at Elliot's loft today when I was testing clothes uploads. And of course some other experiences had folks in there too --- plus there are the people that don't show up as they are in unpublished sites.

So that daily peak concurrency doesn't top out at 20 as you state. I have seen many more showing up on Atlas pages.

Hamlet Au

Sorry, I meant to write average daily concurrent users, not peak. (I've corrected that in the copy.) The peak is higher than the average, possibly 2-3x more (i.e. 40-60).


Harvest is not made by sansar residents. Drax is paid by the Lindens.

Clara Seller

After a couple of years, we're trying to figure out if Sansar's daily users is 5 or 20 or 60. We're trying to see if we can get this mule to move a little faster. We've got a long road and we're trying to figure it out as we go.

Why? That question just won't stop popping up in my head.

How much manpower and how much financial resource is required to get 1 single user after this much time?

I don't think the details are the problem. Isn't the big picture the problem?

Ripley Von D

I hope Linden Lab supports Linux with more consideration because I stopped using Windows and moved to Linux permanently. Some people I know have experienced Windows 10 fatigue and finally switched to either Linux or Mac. The only way I can develop for Sansar (and I do want to) is if Linden Lab makes Sansar available on Valve's Steam so that it can run on it's Proton comparability layer for windows games. I used to love using Windows but I won't ever be using it again.

Chic Aeon

@ Tankgirl

That was a pretty broad statement you made. Harvest is not made by sansar residents. Drax is paid by the Lindens.

Maybe you would like to say more?

I have no idea if Drax is paid by the Lindens or not, but I do know that there have been several people on Discord saying that they have built (and are currently building) Harvest. They are residents of Sansar. So I am pretty confused over the "Harvest is not made by Sansar residents".

Please of course state your sources :D. Mine is the Sansar group on Discord -- mostly the building channel. And on the previous thread on Harvest Bluebell (hope I remembered that correctly) said that she was actively building on the Harvest experience.

Just trying to keep the story factual.


Drax is paid vy the Lindens. That is a fact. That he choose to use artists for free, by promising to help them with their careers, instead of paying in them a real income, does not change that fact. Yes the Lindens abuse comtent creators as free workslaves. And that is how Harvest was made.


@chic and bluebell wanna keep things factual? ask drax if he is paid by the Lindens, instead of defending things that you know nothing about? Then ask any artist that dared to say no to Drax, what happened. You cannot say no to drax, because he is part of ebbes old boys network. Try it, see how much longer you are welcome in sansar.


@Tankgirl, I've done work for Drax. I made several custom avatars for his documentary Our Digital Selves. And for all of the work I did, he paid me 100% fair and square.

I don't know if the Harvest team is being paid, but I definitely did get paid. So this claim that he uses artists for free isn't true. You should tread carefully before you libel someone.


"When we started in Sansar we had no clue"
Pretty much sums it up.

Chic Aeon

Well "I" have said no to Drax a few times and I am still here. I definitely wasn't defending him :D

MEANWHILE, what I came here to add to the "discussion" was some info I found in Inara Pey's blog this morning. Along with lots of other news, NEW folks will soon be taken to an experience rather than just to the Atlas (or LookBook to get "your look").

"Which experience a new user is sent to will depend on a number of factors: whether it is public; how many are already in it (to avoid sending new users to an experience nearing its capacity and the possibility they may be re-directed to an empty instance); and those experiences that present a heavy / long load time will also be avoided."

Thought that was most interesting and likely a very good plan.


In the quoted text, Bluebell defines "sansar residents" those 3rd party persons that aren't a game design studio. Tankgirl claims they - like Drax - are paid and so aren't residents. Whether they are paid or not, and if then you would call them paid users or employees, that doesn't change Bluebell's point: they aren't a game design studio. However, Tankgirl point seems to be that Linden Lab, rather to pay an expensive professionals studio, took advantage of their own user-base and paid some user to do the job (thus not really just an user anymore), and they made Harvest. The fact that some user said they built it, doesn't say if they were paid or not. :)
Tankgirl's tells to ask Drax. Theanine confutes the other claim, that Drax in turn doesn't pay instead. At last, it looks like we found that someone has been paid! (kidding).


However, besides maybe a couple of examples to follow, I don't think Linden Lab should hire a professional game design studio to build something good in Sansar. The whole point of Sansar is the "Wordpress of VR", if you need professionals to make something decent, that means they screwed it up entirely. Given it's apparent that most users don't know or don't care about optimization (and not just that...), you should build your platform in a way that encourages it.
Sinespace is doing a better job, by weighting everything, spaces, furniture etc as Mb (and displaying the download size for each place in the list, but the important part is weighting all the items in that way).
Instead LL did the same mistake they did with SL here. And Sansar is plenty of these half-backed and poorly planned stuff. It's bewildering, LL isn't a small startup with few devs. It shouldn't be at all like this. The excuse "it's a beta" (that feels like an alpha) is quite weak, when you look at what others are doing instead. If LL wants to hire someone, they should better hire someone like Adam Frisby and showering him with the million dollars they have.

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