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Tuesday, October 02, 2018


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So you are at. An evetn with you perfectly optimized 4 lod mesh, and it is double the land impacht of all the items around you. Because every other creator there deleted levels 3 and 4. The result is, they sell and I don’t. Becauae the customer wants low prim, not optimized. Penny can optimize her whole regions for all I care, but the customer is always right.

sirhc deSantis

Sort of agree with TankGirl (who would not and I am TG pre-Lori) and Patton is right but - we optimise all the way down and it makes f all difference.
So quit blaming we who make stuff. 'Use the SL uploader to make LOD' - I spit on your metaphoric slippers =^^=
Even on OS I offer both 'tris don't matter' and LOD tuned.

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