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Thursday, October 18, 2018


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Chic Aeon

The Four sims without land showing are likely more finished areas with prims put up somewhere under 300 meters to block us seeing what is going on. Patch and the moles were nice enough to leave most of the land visible so that we can speculate.

MOAR has been up there a long time and "I" guessed "Mature or Adult Residences" or something like that long ago. That could be correct or WAY OFF of course. This does (now) appear to be the new premium housing area. There is a very pretty photo of houses and trees with Patch, bike and dogs in his Flickr stream. We are hoping that is the HINT photo that Patch referred to a few weeks back.

What is currently up for speculation (for those that don't want to read that very long and mostly silly thread) is whether each house get a boat dock or if the boats (some could certainly be houseboats) are one of the choices of residences.

If this IS the new 1024 premium housing area it should (reportedly from Ebbe) be open by the end of the year. That was an old report so hard to say if the timeline is still holding. Looking good over there though. Still, LOTS of work since it is such a very large area.

So we will know when we know.

CronoCloud Creeggan

That's a lot of docks, and what looks to be like seawall protected marinas on the coasts. But the problem is, it's not connected to anything. The Lindens made a HUGE mistake in not defining/sequestering parts of the grid for THEIR EXPANSION, so now there's private regions half-hazardly scattered everywhere instead of say confined to the West, or East or whatever. Which now leads to Sansara-Heterocera not being connected to Nautilus/Blake/Corsica/Gaeta/Satori, or anything being connected Jeogeot. Heck Gaeta 1 is still unfinished and unconnected to Corsica.

What I think LL should do is move all their continents in proximity and connect them up with waterways and whatnot, shifting all the private lands elsewhere. Imagine being able to sail or fly from Bay City to Nautilus and the Blake. Or take a jaunt from the Blake and sail into the big lakes of Sansara.

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