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Thursday, October 04, 2018


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Maybe Roddenberry Entertainment is planning their own virtual Enterprise and didn't want the competition.

Ryan Schultz

Yep, they reserve the right to change their minds about "fan art" anytime they want to. It's a shame though, about the Stage-9 thing, it looked interesting...


I don't think they can really prevent people from using (or making) "Fan stuff" in virtual worlds. No matter if its Sansar, SL or something else...
OK, first of all, i am not from the USA, and i don't know much about their laws. But Star Trek is so popular and has so many fans worldwide, there will always be people wanting to make or use those things.


It's entirely possible that this could affect Second Life too, if CBS changes their mind about that as well. In November 2010, Universal pressured LL to take down anything related to Battlestar Galactica. I remember a BSG roleplay place that was going to close down or to change names because of that. Eventually, few months later, as far as I remember, there was an agreement and the content was allowed again, as long as there wasn't profit. However it had some effect. And there are still Vipers called "Interceptors" in SL. Now there are BSG sims in SL in 2018, but the traffic is quite low.

Joe Nickence

One word: Greed.

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