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Tuesday, November 06, 2018


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Kardi Bee

I voted an all Republican ticket for the first time in my life! This election MATTERS. VOTE!


Wait...what? You voted straight Republican for the first time NOW? Why on earth? God I hope that's a typo

Cheeto Overlord

I don't get that shirt. So when you go around and people see your shirt it's Trump pointing at them and calling them an idiot? Why would anyone wear something like that? I think the idiot is the one in the shirt. Also what does a flaming guitar have to do with voting? Stop the madness indeed.

Zoey Mara

ohh nice oned sided , is NWN going to post a pic of the day thats for shows a pro lean towards republicans or just show there true bias colors?

Blaise Glendevon

Why would anyone who cares about the free access of information through the internet be pro-Trump (and anti-Net Neutrality) though?

Bixyl Shuftan

've written about politics before in Second Life. While I have an ideology, I don't see it as my job to tell people what to think. I just present the facts as I see them, and let the readers think for themselves.

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