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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


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It's simple scout spirit, respect the others, treat ppl nice, say please and thank you to people, answer their questions and notecards ,acting friendly and nice...

But honestly it's also lip service and useless. When you have 5000 people in your group, IM capped all the time, receiving 5 notecards every time you login. You don't want to waste a few hours to help a customer only spent 10 dollars in your store. It's just impossible and not worth it. Because whatever you do , you'll always have angry customers and bad reviews.

Time is money and money is money.

You'd better get a vendor system which can record customers' purchase history and total spend. Then build your own rules from it. Customer who spent more than the the others worth to be treat better than the others , even the others keep telling you they are your big fan or something.

Because money shows their sincerity.

John Doe created a non-profitable discord channel to talk and share useful merchant informations. Feel free to join it, and you can join anonymously too, we want it become drama-free.

sirhc desantis

Not going to waste 10 mins on someone stating the bleedin' obvious so : in 10 words or less how do 'UI shortcomings provoke even more drama.'

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