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Monday, December 17, 2018


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"I wouldn’t have thought to build into a virtual world from a non-persistent game"

Fortnite -- the non-Battle Royale version -- actually is a persistent game. Not only do you have a persistent inventory, but each player gets multiple fully persistent islands over the course of the game that they build up, defend, and can return to to play with at any time.


Does anyone know Conan Exiles? or Dont Starve games? It seems a bit crazy for me to consider SL as a predecessor of Fornite. As much as i love SL u dont have there prefabricated objects, buildings tools are ok but not pro. etc etc


Both Epic and Linden Lab as well as many other have influenced the future. I doubt either one "IS" the future.


Everyone disagrees on the ingredients of a "metaverse" or "virtual world" so no one is ever arguing about the same thing anyway. A lot of us Second Lifers believe a virtual should include a user-to-user economy, 99.9% of the vertices and pixels on our screens being user-made, 99.9% of the text we read be user-made, the spaces be user-owned/rented, etc. Some think WoW or Minecraft count just as much as Second Life.

There needs to be a definition before arguing what is, and if it's as loose as WoW and Minecraft who cares really, inevitably MUDs will count and D&D and campfire stories. This latest push to count Fortnite as a virtual world/metaverse will go as far as trying to count Minecraft and WoW in the past; no where because those games don't have the same aim as Second Life and its kind of virtual world.

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