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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


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There have always been combat simulations in SL. I've been involved in sailing ship battles in SL for nearly a decade. It's a mix of skill and strategy that few purpose built games mimic. And of course it has a strong social aspect.


Well, as much as I love and will always be an SL addict, I have to say, that if ever there were going to be a company capable of bringing Ready Player One into existence, it would be Epic. No other company comes close when it comes to support and dedication to its player base. I got Unreal, the game, the day before it was released way back in the late 1990's. I got it only because of the editor that came free with it. For me it beat the hell out of the Quake editor that looked like an architects nightmare. Epic were always on the side of the artist, the creator, and they still are. As much as I would hate it to my core, if one day some creation of Epic killed of SL, then I would at least feel that in my heart, the far superior, truly player aligned company won.

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