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Friday, December 14, 2018


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As previously explained, complexity is meaningless. I honestly wouldn't give two cents about it in any other Viewer other than my own its far too forgiving, random and punishes tiny things a thousand times more than real framerate killers. I suggest hand-picking people to jellydoll/derender based on their VRAM usage and polycount as well as perceived complexity.

Wether to use one bigger texture or multiple smaller ones is a complex topic.

Smaller but more textures allow you finer control over how detailed and resource heavy every single face is but they will incur texture allocation impacts, which are arguable how much they really impact the performance. Textures are loaded and decoded once unless they are released either because the Viewer has to or because you left the place (or looked away long enough). So technically the impact is a one time thing which would mean having more textures but smaller ones sound like a great deal but having one bigger texture with everything included isn't exactly bad either, it saves you a lot of texture allocations but might waste a lot of space depending on how much of the texture area you fill in for actual use. In general i'd rather say use smaller but more textures because it also allows the Viewer to mipmap them easier and separately making texture memory optimizations algorithms more efficient in doing what they are supposed to do.

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