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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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The STEAM version of Sansar is still not Mac compatible. If LL wants people to waltz into Sansar and start making content, they need a Mac client plain and simple. Just as PC's in the hands of most users are game or viewing machines, Macs in the hands of many users are creation engines. There are exceptions of course, but it would be interesting to know what percentage of content creators in SL were on Mac or PC and what percentage of non-content creating residents were on either platform. It seems like someone at LL Marketing would have already done that math!


This is pessimistic but Ebbe's blowing a lot of money on big collaborations and integrations (Intel, NASA, Ready Player One, high-profile Twitch Streamers, Fnatic, OpTic, Marvelous Designer...), and has neutered everything people love about Second Life from Sansar just to get it on Steam. The strategy to make an anti-Second Life isn't working.

If Steam isn't Ebbe's last ditch effort, what is? What's next? When is he out and a new CEO in? A Linden Lab CEO usually only lasts 2-4 years after blowing so much publicity and money. Ebbe's near year four and rivaling Rod with a string of excited press releases amounting in nothing.

Linden Lab's investors need to create a new company to chase the 1 billion user mega success that they want. Linden Lab is better off focusing entirely on Second Life customers. Sansar should be built for Second Life users, not Steam users.


Those 200 sign ups are just LL plants anyway. Ski school starting up though.


They faced a market with about 100 million users and got only a few hundred new users. Perhaps not even really new users, just a few hundred people that gave a try to the "new" "game" and... the trend looks already downward. The last 24 hours peak is 37 now, according to Steamchart. The actual number may be different, but it still shows the trend, lower and lower each day.
Sansar reviews are "mixed" now (even if LL sent an email to their previous users telling "Leave us a review on Steam"). For comparison, recent VRChat reviews are "Overwhelmingly Positive (4,630)" and all reviews "Very Positive (24,781)".

Sansar just landed on Steam, maybe it will be better later... right, it's the same thing you heard for about a year and an half. This time is a sort of relaunch - and on Steam - but the formula is basically the same and the small niche already filled by VRChat, mostly. Well, good luck.

Gamer Bro 4

Sansar sucks, looks like the Ogre engine from the year 2002.

Clara Seller

संसार • (sansār) m (Urdu spelling سنسار‎) world; mortal world Wikitionary

sansar in British (ˈsɑːnzɑː) noun an icy Iranian wind. Collins English Dictionary

I was looking to find if there was any relationship between the choice of the name " Sansar" and 'WordPress for social VR'. I'm not getting it.

I did find "rahasya" which can mean "mystery or secret doctrine" in the Sanskrit Dictionary. I think LL should change the name of Sansar to Rahasya. Maybe they could market it as a mysterious money-sucking thing where the goal is to figure out what it is. I think they might have an easier time terminating the project, if someone could verify that it really isn't alive.

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