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Thursday, December 13, 2018


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Willliam Burns

1. As a platform for virtual reality, you're in a world of hurt when you're amazing *when compared to Sims 4*. When the entire narrative is looking at it from the viewpoint of "a game", and comparing it to a game - then sure it's better. That's not exactly a high bar to clear.

2. The bigger take-away is being amazed at cloth soft-body physics? Saying "he's never seen a game do that before". Dude is not a gamer if he's never seen cloth physics in a game before.

3. "Linden Lab don't even know who I am, I just want to promote this because I think it'll be huge..." - My Bullshit Alarm just exploded. Immediately, I've put this video into the category of:

Linden Lab needs to convince people to use their still failing system, but they can't do the PR themselves and look authentic, so they're going under the radar and getting some Youtubers to try and sell it like its their idea and to make the message seem authentic.

Let's be real - I could hand SANSAR off to somebody like Jack Septiceye or Markiplier and they'd probably spend a half hour laughing at it and saying "What the fuck?" or just going "I don't get the point of this..." - and these are two bigger Youtube gamers that actually *do* use VR Headsets and are quite aware of what is capable. The only way they would be giving it glowing reviews is if it was sponsored content - and even then...

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